Everything You Need To Throw An Epic Birthday Party for Jesus!

Activities, snacks and crafts for a birthday party for Jesus

INSIDE: Awesome decor, snacks, books, and games to throw a birthday party for Jesus with your kids! I’m excited to welcome Julie Kieras from Happy Strong Home to my blog today! As much as the advent season is a time of waiting and contemplation, with young children you can’t help but be drawn towards the celebratory side of Jesus’ birth. The angels sing. Mary sings. The shepherds sing. Such a joy-filled time of song and wonder, joy and excitement can open a door into our children’s hearts, allowing us to guide them into thinking about the deeper meanings of Christ’s first coming. Because what child doesn’t love and understand the concept of a birthday party? The waiting for the big day. The gifts (also awaited!). The central figure (birthday boy or girl!). The song of celebration, along with feasting (cake!), and enjoyment. Create an advent birthday party for Jesus as a … Read More

The choice you have when someone you love dies

when someone you love dies

When someone you love dies, you have choices about how you’ll react and continue to live. What follows is my story of choosing to be defined by grace instead of tragedy. They were the hardest words I have ever said in my life. “Blessed be the name of the Lord, blessed be your name.” The night before, I had been watching a movie with my fiancé when the doorbell rang. I answered it, expecting it to be my sister having lost her house key. It was not my sister. It was two uniformed officers, a man, and a woman. We all know what that means. I stepped back from the door in alarm. My heart tried to pound its way out of my chest as I called my parents to the door. “There’s been an accident,” they said, their eyes an odd mix of discomfort and compassion. My 18-year old sister, who that … Read More

Christmas Eve Candle Reading

Advent reading, Christmas Eve

Turn off most of the lights in the room. SAY: Tonight we finally get to light all the candles, because tonight is Christmas Eve! Let’s review what each candle means. SAY: First we learned that God’s people were waiting, and waiting, and waiting for a Saviour. Then some prophets came and told them God’s plan for sending a baby to be born in Bethlehem. As you light the first purple candle, SAY together: God’s people waited for the promise to come true. SAY: God sent angels to Mary and Joseph, telling them about the baby that Mary was going to have. The baby named Jesus! As you light the second purple candle, SAY together: God’s promise came true through Jesus. SAY: Some shepherds that had a pretty wild night! They met angels and babies, and told the whole town what they had seen. As you light the pink candle, SAY together: Shepherds visited Jesus: God’s promise … Read More

5 Faith-routines parents can develop with their kids

5 ways to build a faith routine for your family

How many times in your life have you heard the phrase “children thrive on routine”? Personally, I’ve lost count. It is true that children need routine in their lives. I can be a very spontaneous and unscheduled person, but I’ve learned to give my kids what they need because I’ve seen what happens when they don’t have it. For our children that thrive on routine, their faith-life should also be rich with tradition and routine. When it becomes habit to have family time or sleep late in lieu of worshiping as a family, does that affect their faith? When we become so rushed that we forget to pick up the devotional or Bible, does that affect their faith? (My 2 year old son has taken to gesturing wildly at the devotional book on the table until I pick it up and read. Schooled by a toddler!) When we replace the … Read More

3 ways to find God through tradition

3 ways to connect with God through traditions

Today in my series about Sacred Pathways for moms, we talk about the benefits of faith-routines in our own lives. I have an amazing friend that seems to thrive on routine. She does a load of laundry daily, swishes out the toilet whenever she uses it, gets eggs from her chickens each morning…you name it, it seems to have a designated place in her life. She doesn’t get stressed about keeping those routines though; she seems to truly get life through them. That is SO not me. I try to blitz through the big cleaning jobs on Mondays and the only time my house is truly clean is when we are about to have company! We are very different people, but we are great friends. When I was reading about people who connect with God via tradition, symbols, and rituals, I thought of her. When they renovated their home, her husband … Read More