Establish Daily  Prayer and Bible Habits at Home

(Even If You Have No Time!)

As a parent, you have incredible influence in your child's life.

Right now, your kids may not seem naturally drawn to the things of God. Normally, we fall to these 2 options:

1) we decide to wait until kids are interested OR 

2) we pour all our efforts into teaching our faith, only to have their kids walk away from God. 

Thankfully, there's a third way that allows us to be purposeful without pushing so hard our kids feel like we forced them into faith.

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This is why I created HopeGrown Faith, an interactive membership for $17/month that has community, education, and support so you can

become the parent who steps confidently into your calling to disciple your kids using small, intentional faith habits...starting NOW.

What Are The Steps I Will Take Once I Join HopeGrown Faith?

You don't have to figure out Christian parenting on your own!

Plant a vision

Discover what God wants to see in your family life and partner with Him to create a vision for spiritual growth.

Start a habit

Choose a little habit that fits within your unique schedule and learn to build it into your family life so you all love it and remember to do it.

Deepen your faith

Continue partnering with God to deal with specific issues as they come up, and deepen your faith habits so they become sustainable rhythms of faith.



Access our 2-year plan fun, simple Bible studies
so your whole family can engage with Scripture together.


Ask questions, pray together, and listen to our monthly Mom Mentor interview to get insight into Christian parenting struggles.

Hey, I'm Christie!

My mission is to empower Christian moms and dads to disciple your kids, without having to know it all or do it all. I was the Children's Ministries Director at my church for over 10 years, but when I had my own kids, I floundered, not knowing how to effectively bring my faith teaching to a day-by-day level. I got tired of Christian leaders telling me I wasn't equipped enough to teach my own kids, or that I had to do all.the.things in order to be a good Christian parent. 

No way. 

Now I know I don't need a special degree to disciple my kids, and neither do you. You need a willingness to try, a place to start, and our amazing God. 

I invite you to join the new generation of parents
who are leading their kids in faith through sustainable faith habits.

Sarah's Story:

I was stuck with my oldest son refusing to engage in anything to do with God and getting angry with me for even bringing it up.

Even though it can be so overwhelming to think of all the things I am "supposed" to be doing to make sure my kids grow up connected to Christ, Christie broke them down into the most manageable steps.

Now I’m able to talk with him more naturally. My own faith is being nurtured as well. And now, (PRAISE THE LORD!!!) he is listening to me read the Bible and making connections about it to real life too. And my younger son is learning by listening in. 

Watching my kids actually starting to enjoy and even crave the gospel message feels like I’ve won the spiritual lottery.

Sarah, Mom of 2

Your child's faith journey starts here, with you choosing to take a stand.

Put an end to your fears about your kids not choosing Jesus.

Start leading with confidence, through small habits that add up to a lifetime of faith.