VOILA! A Disappearing Sin Object Lesson For Kids

object lesson on sin

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You can use this disappearing sin object lesson for children’s ministry or at home with your kids!

I have three boys, and they each approach sin in different ways. One is incredibly aware of his sin – he lashes out in anger and is usually called on it right away. We’ve have many conversations about sin and forgiveness and freedom in Christ. The wonderful thing about him is that while his sins are obvious and numerous, he repents easily and I’ve seen a lot of growth over the past few years.

One of my other boys naturally has an easier temperament, so his sin is more hidden. It’s harder to point out things like pride and sullenness, but they’re definitely there. Thankfully, he’s also a sweetheart and I’m learning how to parent him with the gentle touch he needs.

Saying that our kids sin can feel harsh, right? But it’s quite obvious to most parents that our kids DEFINITELY fall short of the righteousness of God.

If you want to help your kids understand what a sinful heart is like and how Jesus saves us, check out this simple object lesson!

Watch the video to see the object lesson in action, or read below.

Supplies Needed for the Disappearing Sin Object Lesson

  • Paper towel
  • 1 black permanent marker
  • Washable markers
  • Water


1) Fold the paper towel in half. 

2) Using a permanent marker, draw a heart shape on the top layer. 

3) Scribble on the bottom later with washable markers. 

disappearing sin Object lesson step 1

SAY: This picture is like my heart. I like to pretend that it’s all nice and clean inside, like this white paper towel. But underneath, I’m really all messy with sin.

4) Drop the paper towel in the water. The water-colour will initially show through the front of the heart but eventually wash out of the paper towel!

disappearing sin step 2

SAY: When I invite Jesus into my life, he sees all the messy sin. But when I accept his forgiveness, he washes the messiness away and leaves me with a clean heart.

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