9 Totally Awesome Ways to Read the Bible


Imagine this…you pull out the Bible, and all your kids groan. Honestly, you do too. It’s a fight every day to read the Bible and make it sound applicable to your child’s life. They squirm, they roll their eyes, or they simply wander away. Does this happen in your home too? It used to happen in mine!

What if you could learn how to engage each child in a way that makes their eyes pop with the relevance of Scripture to their daily lives?

What if you could take that squirminess and put it to good use? 

What if your kids begged to read the Bible with you?

That’s not an impossible dream.

All it takes is 2 simple changes in your thought-patterns:

  1. All kids are created uniquely by God. Squirms and all.
  2. We can use that uniqueness to help them connect with God in a way that gets their attention.

In this package, you receive a printable workbook that you can go through WITH your child to help figure out which ways of studying the Bible connect most naturally with them. The workbook only takes 1-2 hours in total. You can do it all in one day, or over the course of 9 days!

You will also receive a printable poster you can hang up to remind you of what you’ve learned.

Please note that this is a downloadable, printable product. 



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