The 8 Best Books About Heaven for Kids

books about heaven for kids

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I was a children’s ministry director for nearly 12 years and was asked several times to recommend books about heaven for kids who had experienced loss. What follows are the ones I recommended back then, plus a few newer books.

Also, if your child is directly dealing with the death of someone, this free resource has been very helpful to a lot of Christian parents!

1. Someday Heaven

Larry Libby

Someday Heaven - Larry Libby

This is a book I remember vividly from my own childhood. The paintings showed me that being in heaven would be a joy, and that it was nothing to be afraid of. This is always my top recommendation as it’s also very well-researched and Biblical. I don’t remember reading all the text as a child, because it was quite long, but it provides some great talking points for parents. Check it out on Amazon.

2. Someone I Love Died

Christine Harder Tangvald

Someone I love died - one of the books about heaven for kids

This book is a combination of a story, the Gospel, and a journal. It’s quite fantastic, and is a great choice for any parent who’d like a clear, child-friendly way to present death, heaven, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Check it out on Amazon.

(Want to explain death and heaven from a Christian perspective without buying a book? Read my article on how to explain death to a child Biblically.)

3. God gave us heaven

Lisa Tawn Bergren

God gave us heaven - Lisa Tawn Bergren

This book is part of Bergren’s best-selling series of books with Little Cub and her family. In each book, Little Cub and her parents have a long conversation in which the parent explains a deep, theological topic in ways kids can understand. The illustrations are really fun and imaginative in each book, and God Gave Us Heaven is no different. It’s a great addition to the books about heaven for kids. See it on Amazon.

4. Heaven for Kids

by Randy Alcorn

Heaven for kids - by Randy Alcorn

Randy Alcorn has a number of well-researched and widely recognized books about heaven, and this one is written just for kids! The other books on this list are written for younger kids, but this one will be best for elementary-age children and up. It refers a lot to the Chronicles of Narnia, which is great for any child who’s read CS Lewis’ famous series. I’ve heard this book has helped a lot of adults with their questions as well. See it on Amazon.

5. Tell Me About Heaven

by Randy Alcorn

Tell me about heaven - one of the books about heaven for kids

For those who learn better through narrative than lecture, “Tell Me About Heaven” is perfect. I wouldn’t recommend it for very young kids as there are few illustrations, but its narrative format will be easier to follow and understand for children that aren’t old enough to appreciate the previous book on the list. See it on Amazon.

6. There’s a party in heaven

Gary Bower

There's a party in Heaven - Gary Bower

If you’re looking for a book about heaven for younger kids, this is an excellent one. The illustrations are inspiring, and Gary Bower is the king of well-written rhythm and rhyme. With Bible verses on each page to reinforce the message and a joy that is rarely found in books about death, this is a great addition to your personal or church library. See it on Amazon.

7. A travel guide to heaven for kids

by Anthony DeStefano

A travel guide to heaven for kids

This book teaches about heaven through the story of a little boy who dreams of visiting heaven one night. (Or was it a dream? Hmmmm) It will definitely inspire your kids to realize that heaven is a wonderful place, not something to dread. Check it out on Amazon.

8. Heaven is for real

Colton Burpo

heaven is for real, one of the books about heaven for kids

This book is unique in that it’s a biography. As a 3 year old, Colton had a near brush with death and God decided to show this little guy what heaven was like. He came back with all kinds of stories that were verified by Scripture and stories of family members that he hadn’t previously known about.

While other “I went to heaven” stories have been discredited or recanted, Colton stands by the truth of his experience. This picture book version is a summary of his experiences and what they show us about heaven. I think it’s odd that the people are illustrated with wing, but there’s a Q and A section at the back of the book that addresses that. Check this book out on Amazon.

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