One easy way to connect your children with God

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INSIDE: A video on how to connect God and children in a natural way!

A deep stillness rested on the house, a heavy blanket over me and my gently snoring husband. But still I peered into the darkness like someone had propped my eyes open with toothpicks.

What if I wasn’t doing enough to help my boys know God’s extravagant love for them?

I prayed myself to sleep that night, begging God for a deeper understanding of what it meant to share His love with my kids.

It turns out that there’s a simple way to introduce God into the lives of my kids without it being a daily weight on my shoulders…

Watch the video or read the transcript below to find out what it is!

One easy way to connect God and children

I keep my eyes peeled for something I like to call the “45 second moment”.

These unexpected moments are where my own faith journey and those of my children intersect, and they aren’t usually very long. In fact, I’d say the average length is about 45 seconds.

But those 45 seconds have the power to shape their eternal future. 

Those 45 second moments are like putting a dime into an investment account.

A single dime adds up only to ten cents, but a dime a day for an entire lifetime, combined with the principle of compound interest, creates something beyond belief.

compound interest in family faith

I believe this is what Deuteronomy 6:6,7 is talking about:

“These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.”

The ancient Israelites mostly lived a harsh, hardscrabble life. When they sat at home, they were likely either working or eating. When they walked on the road, it wasn’t to walk the dog – it was to get somewhere. When they lay down after a long day of subsistence farming or rock quarrying or trips to the well and grinding grain for bread, it wasn’t on an innerspring mattress. Their leisure took place on the Sabbath only.

How did they fulfill Moses’ command during this harsh life?

The commandments Moses gave them were simply talked about during daily life. Perhaps they had specific times of conversation, but most families weren’t sitting around discussing theology.

They were likely using these little moments with their children, just like we do. Moments while they were washing clothes, baking bread, weeding the fields, walking to the well, or building homes.

My friend, stop beating yourself up for not having a daily 30 minute family worship session.

Instead, seize those 45-second moments.

Sometimes those moments will become a natural 30 minute discussion, but most times they will remain 45 seconds.

But that is how faith is formed. In normal, everyday life.

In the 45-second moments of life. 

While eating dinner. While walking the dog. While strolling through a mall. When tucking children into bed.

connecting God and children

Because 45-second moments peppered throughout the day add up to hours, days, and weeks of faithful living. They are the foundation, on which we can add longer moments. But they often end up the most memorable in themselves.

You know those moments when your child is totally in awe of a bug that’s crawling around on his arm? That’s a 45 second moment. Instead of flicking the bug off his arm in terror, you can say,

“Hey, isn’t it neat how God made that bug?” (then you can go ahead with the terror-flick)


“That rainbow is like a big smile from God.”


“Your smile makes me feel God’s joy inside me.”

You can leave the conversation at that, or say a quick prayer to thank God for what you’ve experienced. You don’t have to kneel or close your eyes, simply speak the prayer aloud for your child to hear.

mom learning to connect her children with God

Start looking for the 45 second moments to help God and children get aquatinted.

–>In the car.

–>At the breakfast table.

–>Before bed.

See? Bringing Jesus into our days doesn’t have to keep us up at night, stressing about their future.

It can be natural, when we start looking for those 45 Second Moments.

You and I will both be able to sleep in peace, knowing that I have communicated God’s extravagant love to our kids.

For a helpful book, check out “The World is Awake” by Linsey Davis. I snagged this book at my library the other day and my 4-year-old and I have poured over its gorgeous illustrations many times.

In it, a brother and sister see God’s blessings throughout their day, from morning playtime in the yard and a trip to the zoo, to mealtime and bedtime.

Lindsey Davis reminds us of this important fact in this beautiful verse:

The gifts of the Lord are found everywhere,
And all that I see is just like a prayer.
So much of creation is happy and good.
Even the rocks would sing if they could!

You can find “The World is Awake” on Amazon or at your local library.

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