Looking for the best Christian Children's books online?

This list of Christian board books, Christian picture books, and Christian books for middle schoolers is curated by a Children's Pastor-turned Homeschool mom and author. (aka, ME!)

In this list you'll find Christian storybooks, Christian picture books, Christian board books, and Christian books for middle schoolers. Each picture is linked to its page on Amazon (as an affiliate link), but remember that you can always ask your local bookstore or library to bring them in as well! Have fun shopping!

The Best Christian Board Books

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It's Christmas by Glenys Nellist

The "Good News" Series introduces your youngest ones to Biblical ideas through gentle rhythm and rhyme. 

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Also available in this series is "Good News! It's Easter".

A full list of the best Christian board books that released in 2019 is available HERE.

The Best Christian Picture Books

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The Quinn series introduces your young children to a Biblical view of God's presence and love through the adventures of Quinn and her parents.  

Quinn's Promise Rock will help your child through separation anxiety, and Quinn Says Goodbye will help your child deal with loss.

Wow! Gospel for kids

This unique (and inexpensive book) tells the whole gospel in 4 words! Perfect for teaching preschoolers or younger elementary kids about the Gospel. This would be great to give to kids that attend a VBS or Easter program at church.

This book takes a unique take on the Fruit of the Spirit.

This wonderful book reminds kids that everyone on earth is our neighbor, and that we can show God's love to them in different ways. 

Bible infographics for kids

If your child lives for interesting facts, nab this book and help them learn some amazing facts about God, theology, and the Bible! 

The Best Children's Books About Jesus

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This whole series of books is incredible, both in text and illustrations. Each book focuses on a different aspect of Jesus' character and the illustrations will keep your child riveted!

The Friend Who Forgives tells the Gospel story through the eyes of Peter, Jesus' disciple.

God's Very Good Idea takes racism and makes the concept accessible to kids, while teaching the Gospel at the same time!

The One O'Clock Miracle tells a little-known miracle story that shows Jesus' incredible power.