These 9 Sacred Pathways Will Make Your Child's Faith a good way 

Ready to find out how to guide your child into relationship with Jesus?

It’s never been more important for our kids to develop a deep, honest relationship with God. With more and more people leaving the faith, it’s important that our kids don’t just believe in Jesus, they KNOW and FOLLOW Jesus. The problem is, you want to empower your kids to connect deeper with God but they just don’t seem interested in what you’re offering.

Have you ever felt like your kids don’t really get why you talk about God? They don’t have a real connection with God so it makes it hard for them to care, because your faith seems so abstract to them.

Is is possible to help kids truly connect with God?

In a word, yes!

If you crave a deeper understanding of your child’s faith and simple tools to help their kids go deeper with God, you’re in the right place!

I know firsthand how hard it can be to plug some kids into the life of faith. They seem hesitantresistantdisengaged, or just plain bored. It's frustrating, right? Kinda makes you want to quit.

But the concept of Sacred Pathways has changed all that. It has helped me see the faith of my kids in a different light, which brings freedom and confidence to the way I share faith with them. 

Over the past several years, I observed and worked with the kids in my ministry at church, as well as my own children. 

Nothing is more important in life than connecting our children to the Source of all life: Jesus Christ. But I know how frustrating it can be when kids don’t care enough to pay attention to your lessons, zone out during Bible study, or refuse to participate in the fun activities you’ve planned!

But maybe they're not actually disconnected...maybe they're actually connecting with God in a way you hadn't noticed. 

A child's unique spiritual love-language is called a Sacred Pathway, and understanding your child's Sacred Pathway will help bring you freedom, joy, and new inspiration in guiding them into relationship with Jesus.

Is your child a:

  • Traditionalist?
  • Naturalist?
  • Sensate?
  • Ascetic?
  • Intellectual?
  • Caregiver?
  • Activist?
  • Enthusiast?
  • or Contemplative?

Find out by taking the quiz.

Ready to find out how to guide your child into relationship with Jesus?

Hi, I'm Christie Thomas. I was a Children’s Ministry Director for over a decade, and now run the HopeGrown Faith membership community in the midst of being a mom and wife. My three boys keep me hopping and inspire my writing. You can learn more about me on my About page.  I am the author of 3 physical books: Wise for Salvation, Quinn’s Promise Rock, and Quinn Says Goodbye. 

Raising Godly children isn't an assembly line, it's a path to be nurtured. You child might learn the Bible as an Intellectual or Traditionalist, but maybe they learn to pray best in nature or on a schedule. Sacred Pathways for Kids can help you understand your child's spiritual personality better, and learn to nurture your Christian kids toward deeper faith. Also appropriate for a children's ministry context. | Christian parenting tools #Christianparenting #sacredpathways #sacredpathwaysforkids