Invitation to JOY: Family Bible Study


After the past year, our kids need joy more than ever, and they need to know where true joy comes from.


“Invitation to JOY” is a flexible, fun Bible reading plan and discussion guide for 5 of Jesus’ parables.

In each parable, Jesus shows the joy that is available in the kingdom of God. Whether it’s an epic party because a lost son is found, a wedding feast, or a banquet, we will get to engage in the joy of God’s kingdom. This study is an invitation to participate in the joy of God when the lost are found, when the bridegroom returns to claim his bride, and when everyone is invited to the banquet.

FLEXIBLE: This study can be used either once-per-week or the usual 5x per week. You choose what works best for your family.

FUN: Included are fun, no-prep activities that you can pepper in for kids if you choose.

EXTENSIONS: Included are several book recommendations of truly delightful picture books on Jesus’ parables, as well as further reading for teens/adults.

SCRIPTURE MEMORY: You’ll also find memory verse poster to print off or use as a background on your tablet or ipad.


Got Questions? Here are some answers!

How much time will this take?

Expect to take about 5 minutes per day or 20 minutes if you do the weekly option. If the conversation goes longer, great. If not, that’s still 5 minutes of investment into your child’s spiritual life!


What if I have kids of different ages? Will this work for me?

Whether your child is 3 or 13, they will get something out of the discussion questions because they’ll be able to reflect and answer at their own level.


My kids aren’t interested in Bible study. Will this work for me?

If your children are younger than 3, not interested in the study, or if you don’t even have kids, it is completely appropriate to use on your own. The same discussion questions will lead you to deeper insights into the parables as well, and when God starts changing your heart, it naturally ripples out into your family. You may find that as you tell them your insights, their own hearts become softened and they’ll be more likely to join you.


Do I need lots of supplies?

Nope! The optional interactive extension activities are all very simple, and can be done with whatever you have on hand. The journal gives general suggestions, but will rely mostly on your child’s imagination, which is always on hand.

Are you ready to experience God’s joy? Get ready to dig deep while having fun!


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