You want your husband to know God, to pray and grow in Christ, and to lead your family spiritually.

You've tried nagging, criticizing, and putting couple's devotionals in obvious places.

You might have even tried begging or crying.

husband and wife fighting

But none of it is working.

Together, let's turn to the one thing that can help us most, the one thing we often forget. 


Join the 5-day Prayer Challenge

Through this challenge you will:

  • Discover 5 crucial ways you can pray for your husband.
  • Learn to pray specific Scriptures in each of the 5 types.
  • Hear stories of other wives whose lives have been changed through prayer.
  • Stop fretting about your husband not being the spiritual leader you think he should be.

How the 5-day challenge works:

Each day I'll send you specific verses to pray over one major area of your husband's life. 

I'll also do a short LIVE video in our popup Facebook group at noon EST on each of the 5 days. These videos will teach you HOW to pray those verses over your husband. 

Also included are amazing interviews with moms who have seen God work in their husbands through their prayers!

You'll be equipped and inspired to keep praying for your husband!  

Who's leading the challenge anyway?

You met me (Christie) in the video above. I have been married to Jon for 15 years and we have 3 kids. I learned early on that his faith journey was very different from mine. I assumed we believed the same things and had had the same experiences, but soon after our marriage, I learned that I was wrong. 

He had a lot more questions than I knew what to do with, and it scared me. 

Then we had kids, and I tried my best to get him to become a spiritual leader. After all, I was the Children's Pastor at our church. We should probably be talking about Jesus at home too, right? 

But nothing I did worked, until I started to take seriously my own mandate to follow Christ and share him with others. Jesus was just asking me to be faithful, he wasn't asking me to change my husband.

This prayer challenge is for me and for you. Together, we'll learn how to pray the words of the Bible over our husbands. And as we'll discover, when we pray, God listens and acts. 

Christie Thomas

When you sign up, you'll immediately receive a free printable you can use to keep track of your prayers in the 5 crucial areas. The 5-day challenge emails will start Monday, March 9!