Connect With Your Son Emotionally, Physically, and Spiritually... less than 10 minutes per day.

You want to connect with your son every day, but you might be saying,  “I just tucked him in and I have NO idea what happened in his life today!”

Or you might be saying, “I was with him ALL day but we just didn’t get a chance to connect!”

Either way, you can’t shake this niggling feeling that you’re missing out.

There’s good news.
You can connect deeply 
with your son without neglecting your job
or your other children
(or your favorite TV show). 

In fact, you can do it in just 10 minutes (or less).

Christie here. 

Once my eldest started Kindergarten, I spent the next 5 years driving boys to school or daycare each day, making meals, giving baths, and tucking them in. Many days it felt like we barely had time to connect. I missed my boys! 

I thought that would change when we started homeschooling, but the truth is that many days, I spend the day teaching, making meals, telling them to shower, and tucking them in. Many days it can feel like I still barely have time to connect with them individually. 

Eventually I discovered specific activities that made it easier to connect with my boys. I noticed my quiet child suddenly became super chatty when we went for a bike ride, that my silly child was open to serious conversations at bedtime, and that my super chatty child became more thoughtful when we ate together.

I now feel deeply bonded with each of my 3 boys and I’m excited to help you feel the same way!

The 5-Day "Fun With Your Son" Challenge

Join the FREE 5-Day Email Challenge and discover ways to...

Enjoy a few minutes
per day with your son

It doesn’t take much time,
it just takes a little intentionality!

Bond more deeply with him 

Discover activities that get your son talking.

Grow spiritually, together

Learn to pray over him
at bedtime in a powerful way.

Each morning, you’ll receive an email with:

⭐️ a simple mother/son activity suggestion
⭐️ a prayer for your son

There will be online accountability for those who want it (in my Facebook group), as well as a printable pack with Conversation Cards, Gross(ish) Jokes For Boys, and a prayer for your son.