Help your child grow a deep relationship with jesus...

...even when life is chaotic and overwhelming.

Another Day Has Passed And You're Wondering...

Has my family connected with God today?

When is the last time you laid awake at night, worried that your kids weren't developing a deep relationship with Jesus? 

Have you ever tucked your kids in for the night, flopped down on the couch (exhausted), and realized you had spent another full day without having a single faith-related conversation with them?

Maybe you planned to read a devotional at breakfast, but you forgot (again). Life gets so busy and most days it’s hard to find the time for everything, so God gets left out. 

By the time bedtime rolls around, you are all so tired that you just tuck them in and walk out the door.

You might have a pile of devotional books that are gathering dust on a shelf because your kids thought they were boring. (You’d like to just read right from the Bible but are afraid that you don’t know enough to teach them.)


I'm afraid that my kids won't know that God is real and that he loves them. I worry that my kids won't recognize God's voice and follow him. 

Jenica mom of 2

Worse, you’re not sure you even have the time to spend time with Jesus yourself, so you worry you’ll be a little hypocritical if you ask your kids to do something you’re not doing!

Frankly, you'd really like your husband to take the lead on teaching your kids the Bible...but all your hints haven't inspired him to be the spiritual leader you'd like him to be.

There's just so much to teach and you feel so ill-equipped and strapped for time and unsupported that you just let it slide...again.

YOU are the key to your child's relationship with Jesus

family discipleship in my family

I was the Children's Ministry Director in my church in Alberta, Canada for most of 2006 to 2018. 

When I wasn't leading the children's ministry, I was birthing and raising three sons in partnership with my husband, Jonathon.

Because of my work in children's ministry, I was passionate about helping my kids know Christ, but I often felt derailed by my expectations.

I expected my husband to pray and lead devotions, but I was the one who was passionate about it.

So I chafed, nagged, and passively aggressively tried to get him to take on obvious spiritual leadership.

I learned that nagging and criticizing did nothing to help grow a Christ-centered home.

But the problem was, I felt unequipped to take on the challenge. I was overwhelmed by all the to-dos that the books I was reading were telling me to do. 

I'm a spontaneous person and not very good with keeping to strict routines, and at the time I wasn't a homeschool mom so I felt like I couldn't grow a Christ-centered home. 

How do people know what to do and actually remember to do it??

Once I finally accepted that God wasn't asking me to CHANGE my husband, but instead, to rely on Him and obey Him, things shifted. 

I gave myself permission to passionately pursue Christ, and to lead my kids in prayer and devotions. I stopped inwardly chafing and nagging and passively aggressively trying to change my husband.

God changed ME.


Just think that someday, one of your great-great-grandchildren will sit down to recount how you, their ancestor, were a God-fearing and faithful example, and without your faith they wouldn't have been the same. Imagine the impact that your faith will have on history! 

Dr. Michelle Anthony author of Spiritual Parenting

And now?

Every weekday morning, my kids and I read the Bible and pray together after breakfast. Sometimes it's quick, but other times we get talking about a really deep faith topic for half an hour! We've talked and prayed about racism, fear, anger, and asked God to shape our hearts. 

Most nights I read the Bible and pray with each of my kids individually before bed.  I leave them every night with a Scriptural blessing, even if it's a super late night, and they sing the blessing with me because they've memorized those verses.

One afternoon we passed a man that had been hurt. After we ensured that he had immediate help and that an ambulance was on the way, we prayed for him in the van and for several days after. husband even instigates prayers at mealtimes. 

I've learned secrets to creating a home focused on Jesus that have helped:

  1. 1
    Deepen my own connection with God.
  2. 2
    Develop consistency in little faith habits that grow my childrens' faith (and mine).  
  3. 3
    Find encouragement and motivation to continue, even during the summer and other times of schedule change.
  4. 4
    Trust God to do the deepest work in my children's hearts.

I was stuck, always struggling to share my faith with my very resistant son. Now I'm able to talk with him more naturally. My own faith is being nurtured as well.  Watching my kids actually starting to enjoy and even crave the gospel message feels like I've won the spiritual lottery.

Sarah - Mom of 2

Maintaining that consistency while working through the challenges of marriage and child rearing has been hard. I learned that it works the best when I get in tune with what God is doing in my life and in my kids' lives.

Melissa - mom of 2

I felt for a long time that the only people that could teach my kids about the Bible was the teachers at church. We think that God expects so much or to do it a specific way, then we feel like a failure, and that we're not doing it enough. But he just wants us to be obedient. You think they're not listening but they are.  

Natalia - mom of 3

Imagine your whole family growing a deep relationship with Jesus...

  • Imagine a meaningful family conversation around the dinner table that doesn't feel contrived.
  • Imagine a bedtime routine that connects your child deeper to God. 
  • Imagine your kids actually listening to you when you read the Bible, and making connections from the Bible to their lives.
  • Imagine tucking your child in and feeling confident that God is doing a good work in their heart.  
  • Imagine connecting with and learning from other moms who encourage and pray for you.


God is inviting us to recognize our limitations and trust Him. He is offering us the chance to take off the pressure to perform and eliminate all the guilt we feel over doing the wrong things and messing up the right ones. He's reminding us to focus on the best rather than getting bogged down even with good things.

Jana Magruder author of Nothing Less: Engaging Kids in a Lifetime of Faith

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Christie Thomas


I know God led me to this group—it’s helping me flourish just as much as it helps me encourage my children to flourish. And the best part is I get to take it with me each time I move.

Laura mom of 3, military family

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