Help your child grow a
deep relationship with Jesus...

...even when life is chaotic or overwhelming.

You want to be able to talk to your kids about Jesus with confidence so they can grow a real faith that affects their daily lives. You want them to fall in love with Jesus and follow him their whole life.  

But have you ever tucked your kids in for the night, flopped down on the couch (exhausted), and realized you had spent another full day without having a single faith-related conversation with them?

Maybe you planned to read a devotional at breakfast, but you forgot (again). Life gets so busy and most days it’s hard to find the time for everything, so God gets left out. 

By the time bedtime rolls around, you are all so tired that you just tuck them in and walk out the door.

Worse, you’re not sure you even have the time to spend time with Jesus yourself, so you worry you’ll be a little hypocritical if you ask your kids to do something you’re not doing!

There's just so much to teach and you feel so ill-equipped and strapped for time and unsupported that you just let it slide...again.

Hi, I'm Christie!

Christie Thomas family 2019

My husband and I have 3 elementary-age boys.

I was the Children's Ministry Director in my church for 10+ years. Because of my work in children's ministry, I was passionate about helping my own kids know Christ, but despite my work at the church, I felt unequipped to take on the challenge.

I was overwhelmed by all the to-dos that the books I was reading were telling me to do. 

Once I finally realized that God just wanted me to rely on Him and obey Him, things shifted. 

I gave myself permission to passionately pursue Christ, and to lead my kids in prayer and devotions.

Every weekday morning, my kids and I read the Bible and pray together after breakfast. Sometimes it's quick, but other times we get talking about a really deep faith topic for half an hour! We've talked and prayed about racism, fear, anger, and asked God to shape our hearts. 

Most nights I read the Bible and pray with each of my kids individually before bed.  I leave them every night with a Scriptural blessing, even if it's a super late night, and they sing the blessing with me because they've memorized those verses. 

But the BEST part is that I can see them mulling over Biblical concepts and Bible stories and bringing them up in natural conversation…because God is just a natural part of life now. 

I've learned how to:

  • Deepen my own connection with God.
  • Creatively and consistently connect my kids to Christ.
  • Find encouragement and motivation to continue, even during the summer and other times of schedule change.
  • Trust God to do the deepest work in my children's hearts.


I was stuck, always struggling to share my faith with my very resistant son. Now I'm able to talk with him more naturally. My own faith is being nurtured as well.  Watching my kids actually starting to enjoy and even crave the gospel message feels like I've won the spiritual lottery.

Sarah, mom of 2

HopeGrown Faith Member 

My husband and I are investing in our own relationship with God and it’s rubbing off on our kids. We talk about faith, and we now have a few basic faith rhythms that work for us. I am less motivated by guilt and more by gratefulness

Tricia, mom of 2

HopeGrown Faith Member

Maintaining that consistency while working through the challenges of marriage and child rearing has been hard. I learned that it works the best when I get in tune with what God is doing in my life and in my kids' lives.

Melissa, mom of 2

HopeGrown Faith Member

I felt for a long time that the only people that could teach my kids about the Bible was the teachers at church. We think that God expects so much or to do it a specific way, then we feel like a failure, and that we're not doing it enough. But he just wants us to be obedient. You think they're not listening but they are.  

Natalia, mom of 3

HopeGrown Faith Member

Just imagine...

  • Imagine a meaningful family conversation around the dinner table that doesn't feel contrived.
  • Imagine a bedtime routine that connects your child deeper to God. 
  • Imagine your kids actually listening to you when you read the Bible, and making connections from the Bible to their lives.
  • Imagine tucking your child in and feeling confident that God is doing a good work in their heart.  
  • Imagine connecting with and learning from other moms who encourage and pray for you.

Join Us At HopeGrown Faith!

HopeGrown Faith is a membership site for Christian moms to gather, learn, and be inspired to help our kids grow a deeper relationship with Christ.

Here's what you can expect:

Grow Consistency with Our Family Bible Studies

Connect with God deeper through exclusive Bible studies for your family. 

Each monthly study comes with short Bible readings, discussion questions, and prayer prompts so that you can use it alone OR with your kids.

Having a new Bible study (complete with memory verse posters) zoom into your inbox at the beginning of each month will help you grow in consistency

Get Clear on How To Lead Your Unique Family With Our Exclusive Growth Path Training

 Discover your unique family growth stage and zoom in on the habits that will help your family grow to the next level. 

Understanding your stage on the growth path will help you ditch the mom guilt and move forward confidently

Encouraging Community

We weren't designed to live in isolation! 

Access our uniquely encouraging private Facebook group where you will dive deeper into each day's Bible passage, access weekly prayer, and be mentored by our weekly Mom Mentors.

Having a group of moms to grow with will equip and support you to do this most important job! 

What You'll Get

  • Clarity on how to lead your unique family
  • Confidence to study the Bible alone or with your kids
  • Connection with mentors and friends
  • Resources to equip you for the journey

Bonuses For September 2020!

Mentor Mom Library 

Learn from a Mentor Mom each week with exclusive conversation available only to members.

The full video and podcast library of all previous Mom Mentors is also yours.

Quick Start Guide & 30 Minute Coaching Call

Quickly get connected into the community and content of HopeGrown Faith with this 7-day downloadable Quick Start Guide.

After the 7-day Quick Start email series is over you'll receive an invitation to schedule a 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching call with Christie!

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  • Exclusive Growth Path Training
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What Others Are Saying

Before HopeGrown Faith, I was overwhelmed about where to start helping my kids know Jesus. I felt like I didn’t have the tools to do it myself.

Now, I trust God is in charge of my kids lives and souls! I am continuing to find His grace in this role of teaching them in His ways and how to connect with Him in their own unique ways.

Having a group of other moms digging in and fumbling to figure it all out is so encouraging and I feel less alone. I’ve gained so many ideas and tools I can use with my family. The mom mentor interviews have been so engaging and impactful. I live for those. I love how each of us can access and participate In whatever is a fit for us.

I am less anxious about being ill-equipped for the task as joining HopeGrown Faith was an answer to prayer. 

Christie is very gifted at connecting with our community and creating tools we can use in our own families. I just love her person and her ability to teach/lead while learning for herself and family.

Tricia, mom of 2

HopeGrown Faith Member

THANK YOU! Thank you for making short mom mentor clips and sending them to my inbox! You rock!! I just watched that 5-min clip and it was great! Thank you for working so hard for me and your other members! You are such a blessing in my life! 

I know God led me to this group—it’s helping me flourish just as much as it helps me encourage my children to flourish. And the best part is I get to take it with me each time I move.

Laura, mom of 3

HopeGrown Faith Member

Some other curriculums can feel so rigid and it takes a lot of work to tailer them to our family, but the HopeGrown Faith resources gives us so much freedom to adjust for kids ages and to follow the Holy Spirit’s lead as he gardens away in their little hearts.

Jenica, mom of 2

HopeGrown Faith Member

This is an awesome group. I love it. ?

Before HopeGrown Faith, I felt like I was leading my kids mostly by myself. It's hard to lead your children in faith when you feel tapped out and unable to spend the time with God that you used to or want to or believe you should. 

Hopegrown Faith gave me that fellowship and encouragement from other moms that I was missing, as well as an easy way to get into the habit of regular Bible study again, even if it was just reading a few verses a day.

I love the community that Hopegrown Faith provides. The ladies are so genuine and encouraging and really pray for each other and care about one another's needs. I've needed their prayers many times this year, and I've benefited from their Scriptural insights and the testimonies and insights shared by our mom mentors. And just having a group to study and grow with helps keep me focused on studying and growing in Christ as well.

My kids are still pretty young, but they've memorized several Scripture passages from the nightly blessings that I started doing with them after going through one of Christie's challenges, and they've enjoyed the crafts and lessons from our Easter study and learned at least a little from the other Scriptures I've shared with them too.

Mostly, I know I'm a better mom because of this group of lovely ladies, and if I'm focused and growing in Christ myself, I'll do a better job of sharing Christ with them.

Melissa, mom of 2

HopeGrown Faith Member

Thank you for not only offering resources for families, but creating a community where we can learn from one another and share ideas.

Shanna, mom of 2

HopeGrown Faith Member

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  • Monthly Family-Friendly Bible Studies
  • QuickStart Guide and Coaching Call
  • Exclusive Growth Path Training
  • Exclusive Content and Community
  • Mom Mentor Interviews and Library

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a membership instead of a course?

A membership provides the ongoing support that parents need, while giving information and resources in small doses so they don't feel overwhelmed or guilty. Each member knows where they fall in the growth path, so they know which resources apply to their family.

What happens after I buy?

After paying on the secure page, you'll be taken to a registration page. You'll create your login info and be all set to go. Your next email will include your bonuses, and will give you an introduction to the site. Then I will send you the Quick Start Guide and you'll be on your way toward deeper faith!

How long do I have access to the material?

You will have access to the video material as long as you remain a monthly member! Anything you download will remain yours forever.

What if I don't have Facebook?

You do not need Facebook! I have a dedicated membership site where you can log on at your convenience and access what you need. The Facebook group is an extra touchpoint for those who would like more connection with other parents. That said, I HAVE noticed that those who participate in the Facebook group tend to get the most out of their membership because of the connection with others. 

What if I don't have time to use the material?

The membership is specifically designed so that overwhelmed parents don't become MORE overwhelmed! I share only one new resource/video per week. Everything is designed in do-able chunks. As Shanna says, "I think there is so much goodness in this membership - not overwhelming. You can do as much or little as you want." In fact, not everything WILL be useful for you. The beautiful of the membership site is that you get ongoing support. The community and resources are there when YOU need them, not the other way around. If you find yourself unable to connect with the community for a month or use the resources, it's all still available for when you are able to reconnect. 

What if I have a theological concern?

I hope you won't, but if you do, it's simple - you just email me! I am very open to conversations on this topic. Here's what Jenica, a missionary, has to say about that: "Unlike picking up a book at the Christian bookstore, with these resources we actually have contact with the author! If we have a doubt or a need, Christie is just a click away and so willing to help!"

How can I get a refund?

I know there’s lots of “too good to be true” promotions online so you want to carefully choose who you learn from!

Try HopeGrown Faith for a week, or a month. If it’s not everything that I say it is and you don’t feel like I’ve delivered, let me know and I’ll refund your first month’s fee.

Why should I join this member site?

This membership is specifically for moms who want to spiritually lead their kids. It's for the mom with a spouse who is unbelieving, agnostic, atheist, spiritually questioning, just plain too busy to lead the family spiritually, or who believes his wife needs to participate in this all-important venture! 

What is the monthly fee?

The monthly membership fee is $15. For my International friends, there is also a Canadian dollar option. 

Why is there a monthly fee?

A low monthly fee is the best way to pay for a membership site, because it doesn't cost your firstborn child just to check it out. It's low risk! If you are ready to jump in and would like to save a few dollars, please contact me for an annual fee option.

Is my credit card information safe?

I used a secure payment processor called SendOwl. SendOwl is VERY widely used worldwide. Your information is VERY safe! The Canadian payments are through Stripe, which, again is very widely used. In fact, SendOwl uses Stripe to actually process the payments. 

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/mo USD

Pay monthly, cancel anytime.

  • Monthly Family-Friendly Bible Studies
  • QuickStart Guide and Coaching Call
  • Exclusive Growth Path Training
  • Exclusive Content and Community
  • Mom Mentor Interviews and Library