Most Christians agree that we grow in the Fruit of the Spirit by abiding in Christ, but most of us still treat it like a checklist.

Why? Because we don’t know how to abide in Christ…together.

In the ultimate Fruit of the Spirit book for kids: Fruit Full, Christie Thomas helps your family focus on how Jesus lived out the fruit of the Spirit…and how, as we abide in Christ, the Holy Spirit makes us more like Jesus.

This award-winning* devotional can be used by an entire family, or just one parent with a child. Either way, families will fall more in love with Jesus and grow in the fruit of the Spirit…together. 

*Fruit Full won Gold in the 2023 Illumination Awards, Bronze in the 2023 Selah awards, as well as winning a 2023 Editor’s Choice Award

Each topic includes:

    • 🍎 A page of simple, interactive family experiences to get kids excited about the topic and memorizing Scripture together.
    • 🍎 Ten daily reflections that focus on the hands, heart, and habits of Jesus as he lived out the fruit of the Spirit on earth.
    • 🍎 Family-friendly discussion starters to help you grow closer to God.
    • 🍎 Prayers to help you invite the Holy Spirit do his fruitful work in you.

    Would you like the fruit of the Spirit to be a reality in your children’s lives and your family life?

    Pick up THIS outstanding book and let it guide you!

    Diane Stortz, author of I AM: 40 Reasons to Trust God

    Now Available in Paperback and Ebook

    Free Printable Gifts for Your Family

    Cute fruits and Bible memory alone won’t truly help our kids grow, BUT they can be part of a well-rounded, kid-friendly approach to abiding in Christ.


    The download also includes activities for each fruit to help your kids abide in Christ in fun, kid-friendly ways (perfect for home or church).




    Meet The Author: Christie Thomas

    I have spent many years growing in the fruit of the Spirit. Mostly, I’ve grown in joy, peace, patience, gentleness, and still need to grow a lot in the area of self-control (especially when it comes to cookies).

    I am grateful for the continued work of the Holy Spirit in my life, guiding and growing me to be more like Jesus. Because really, that’s what the fruit of the Spirit is about, right?

    The fruit is not a list of attributes to memorize, or even study verses about. These fruits are the ways we grow to be as we spend our lives abiding with Jesus. We always do it imperfectly, but He does his job perfectly.

    After getting a BSc in Biology, I spent my entire adult working life in Children’s Ministries until, a few years ago, God called me to educate my three boys and to run Little Shoots, Deep Roots. If you’re looking for other books  to help your kids know and love God, they’re listed here. 

    I don’t know about you, but it’s in parenting that I’ve most desperately needed God’s fruit to grow in my life. I pray that this book would help you abide in Christ as your family uses this book: read the stories, talk, pray, maybe even get a little silly. Above all, may you know Christ deeper.

    🌱 Growing with you, Christie

    Thomas has created a resource that is both Biblically sound and fun to read.

    She goes beyond explanations to encourage children to look for the Spirit’s fruits in their own lives, as well as to seek a deeper connection with Christ. With just the right amount of humor to keep kids engaged, Fruit Full is sure to be a sweet experience for your family’s devotion time.

    —Tama Fortner, award-winning author of more than 40 books.

    Christie Thomas’ approach to helping children grow in Christ exhibits everything you’d want in a devotional: depth, warmth, and surprising insights.

    —Marianne Hering, author of the Imagination Station book series

    Christie does a fabulous job of making big virtues accessible to little people. This guide is practical and relational – easy enough for a tired parent at the end of the day,
    but deep enough to produce real conversation and a better understanding of who Christ is and who he has created us to be.”
    —Danielle Hitchen, author of the Baby Believer series

    Resources For Churches

    Kregel has bulk discounts available for ministries ordering multiple copies of the book.

    Please contact me at christie @ littleshootsdeeproots . com to talk about bulk discounts for US and Canadian churches.

    Free Printable Curriculum for Your Children’s Ministry

    In these 10 lessons, we won’t be exploring the fruit as moral values, but as evidence of a life growing in Christ. To do that, we’ll focus on how Jesus lived out the fruit of the Spirit…and how, as we abide in Christ, the Holy Spirit makes us more like Jesus. With my extensive background in Children’s Ministry, you can be sure this flexible, multi-age curriculum will work for every Sunday School model! The only other item you’ll need in addition to this robust curriculum is a copy of my book, as the teaching portions are devotions from the book.

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