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Join the 7 day Blessings Challenge and learn the transformative habit of praying Scripture over your kids, every night. 

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Day 1: The key to the Biblical blessing

Day 2: The first reason to pray Biblical blessings

Day 3: The second reason to pray Biblical blessings

Day 4: What God's blessing looks like

Day 5: The long-term effect of blessing

Day 6: How blessing your child changes YOU

Day 7: The nuts and bolts of praying the blessing

True story from a mom just like you...

Each day includes a short blessing to pray right now, and a printable poster of that blessing.

If I can do it, you can too.

When my kids were little, I desperately wanted to build a foundation of faith in their lives, but I couldn't find the right tools. I flitted from creative idea to devotional book to the next big idea, but I had no routines. I never got past day 5 of a devotional book, I couldn't remember to pray for my kids at night, and I felt like a failure.

I was the Children's Ministry Director at my church and I couldn't even figure out how to teach my own kids about God consistently. Deep down, I wanted my husband to simply take over and be the spiritual leader so I wouldn't have to change, but I learned early on in our marriage that he wanted to leave the direct teaching to me.

Little by little, I began to recognize the power of tiny little faith habits in our lives.

I learned how to tuck in a 30-second prayer at bedtime and was delighted when that tiny habit eventually led to a robust nightly conversation about faith. I researched habit formation and found a way to make morning devotional time a habit for us. 

Through it all, I discovered that tiny little faith habits are the best tools for laying a foundation of faith in my family. They provided the structure we needed, freeing me up to get creative, have fun, and trust God with the results.

I finally tuned out the voices telling me that I had to do big things in order for my family to thrive spiritually, and I learned to trust in God's calling on my life as the spiritual leader of my children. We still have a lot to learn, but by God's grace, we are building a foundation that lasts.

-Christie Thomas

I believe that EVERY Christian mom can confidently build a foundation of faith in her kids through tiny habits that add up over time.

Let me teach you the very first, 30-second habit I built into our day...the blessing.