Help your anxious child on two levels: emotional and spiritual.

Join the 10-day challenge to learn to pray with (and for) your child AND learn an effective 5-step system to use when the worries take over.

Is your child anxious?

Does your child

- worry a lot?

- try to stay home from school or other fearful situations?

- cry often about social situations?

- have difficulty being flexible?

- have a lot of headaches or stomachaches?

- have trouble making friends?

If you answered yes to any of those, then this challenge is for you!

The Challenge:

Each day there will be a new email with a fresh Bible-based prayer.

Each of the 10 emails contain a devotion on anxiety OR and a practical technique to help your child. The 10 lessons come together seamlessly to give you 5 practical steps to help crush your child's anxiety, plus a Bible-based prayer to use as you intercede for your child. It concludes with a list of the resources I have found the most helpful along the way.

The 5 steps are based on all the conversations I've had with child therapy professionals, books by PhDs who work with chidlren and study childhood anxiety in depth, and courses I’ve taken on childhood anxiety. While these steps are not unique in the psychology world, the way they are combined with a Christ-based approach and prayer is uniqe and powerful.

You will walk away from this challenge:

- Empowered to pray for your child

- Equipped with practical tools to help your child

- Emboldened to continue to intercede on behalf of your child


Receive these adorable, printable promise cards immediately after signing up!

(Images by Sydney Hanson, as part of Quinn's Promise Rock)

Print off a copy for your child and one for yourself.

Quinn promise cards

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About the author:

I’m a former Children’s Ministry Director and the mom of 3 boys who display their worries in very different ways.


I used to think I was queen of peace until I started researching childhood anxiety and realized how much of my life had been affected by my crazy fears!


I had simply avoided and repressed them instead of actually dealing with them. I never talked about them with anyone until recently, which is why I’m so passionate about helping kids talk about their anxiety.

I'm the author of Quinn's Promise Rock, a children's book that helps anxious children put their trust in God. 

I am so excited to join you on this journey of restoration.


Christie Thomas

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