Experience Jesus' incredible COMPASSION, his unexpected MISSION, and the holy sweetness of FRIENDSHIP with him.

You want to help your kids know Jesus and walk with God but you struggle to know where to start.

Because of this, neither you nor your kids have a clear picture of who God is and what he longs to do in your lives.

Hi, I’m Christie Thomas.

I was the Children’s Ministry Director at my church for over 10 years.

When my kids were young, it was fairly easy to do “devotions” with my kids because I had resources to help me make it fun and educational. I was reading Wise for Salvation most evenings with my two oldest boys and we loved it.

But then my eldest outgrew the book. I really started  floundering when I knew he was too big for the resource I’d written. We started at least 5 devotional books but I kept throwing them away in frustration. None of them worked! They were too complicated or too metaphorical or too…much.

Not only that, but I wanted to do something with all my kids, not just one at a time. 

That’s when I realized that I could just read the ACTUAL BIBLE with my kids!

It wasn’t always easy, but I started creating questions and other totally simple hands-on ways to interact with each day’s reading, and a new habit was born: one of reading the actual Bible with all 3 of my children, 5 years apart in age. 

If we want our kids to walk with God, 
they have to move past devotionals at some point, and read the actual Bible.

And the BEST place to start is with the Gospels.

Because the best way to get to know who God is
is by falling in love with Jesus.

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40 Days with Jesus - a FREE Bible reading plan through the book of Mark

40 Days with Jesus reading plan cover

The 40 Days With Jesus Bible Reading plan will take you through the entire book of Mark in 40 days.

This FREE resource is a 6-page downloadable PDF.

It contains the readings, as well as family-friendly background info on the book of Mark.

Each day’s reading is also available as bite-sized chunks for reading with smaller children. 

By the end of the 40 Days With Jesus, your family will...

…have read an entire book of the Bible together.

…have experienced the deep compassion of Jesus Christ.

…know why Jesus had to die.

…have a fuller understanding of some of his confusing teachings.

…have established a habit of interacting with Jesus daily.

…fallen in love with Jesus.
He’s gentle and kind, brilliantly funny, and will absolutely get under your skin and into your heart.