One easy way to connect your children with God

INSIDE: A video on how to connect God and children in a natural way! A deep stillness rested on the house, a heavy blanket over me and my gently snoring husband. But still I peered into the darkness like someone had propped my eyes open with toothpicks. What if I wasn’t doing enough to help my boys know God’s extravagant love for them? I prayed myself to sleep that night, begging God for a deeper understanding of what it meant to share His love with my kids. It turns out that there’s a simple way to introduce God into the lives of my kids without it being a daily weight on my shoulders… Watch the video or read the transcript below to find out what it is! One easy way to connect God and children I keep my eyes peeled for something I like to call the “45 second moment”. These unexpected … Read More

Can an old curtain change the way you see God?

how an old curtain changes the way we see God

I once had a friend try to convince me that Christians didn’t need to read the Old Testament. Really, I thought? We should just rip out 3/4s of the Bible?  But the Old Testament can be confusing. Right?! There’s a lot of people and a lot of seemingly random events. Lots of killing, lots of bad kings, and lots of stuff most of us find boring or irrelevant or disturbing. So is there any reason to read the Old Testament, and to share it with our kids? Watch the video or read the transcript below to find out! If you enjoyed this video, make sure you subscribe on Youtube or Like my Facebook page so you’ll get notifications when new videos are up! Each one contains short, sweet, hope-filled ideas for spiritually parenting our kids. The Old Testament has a lot to teach us and our kids, and it’s sometimes … Read More

3 Children’s Books Series About Women Of The Bible

We grew up hearing the stories of Abraham, David, Daniel, Peter, and Paul. But how often did we hear the stories of the women of the Bible, like Ruth, Deborah, Priscilla, or Miriam?  I think it’s time we look more deeply at the women in the Bible and acknowledge that they are crucial to the story of God.  Did you grow up hearing stories about heroes of the faith? Even if you didn’t grow up in the church, I bet you have a vague idea of who Noah is…you know, the guy who built the big boat. I bet you’ve heard the story of David and Goliath. And I’m sure you’ve heard of these guys: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. But did you also know that thousands of years ago there were women that participated in Israelite leadership? If you enjoyed this video, make sure you subscribe on Youtube or … Read More

How To Talk About Racism With Kids (+ 6 Books Recommendations)

teaching kids about racism

There’s a lot in the news these days about racism and prejudice and diversity. Does talking about diversity and prejudice and racism with your kids make you break out in hives? Let’s talk about that today. (I like talking about things that make us squirm!) Talking about racism and prejudice and diversity is non-negotiable in our world. We can’t pretend these things don’t exist, even in areas where there is little diversity. But the conversations don’t have to be negative. There is hope! If you enjoyed this video, make sure you subscribe on Youtube or Like my Facebook page so you’ll get notifications when new videos are up! Each one contains short, sweet, hope-filled ideas for spiritually parenting our kids. We were leaving the doctor’s office when it happened. My very loud 4-year-old saw a man that had darker skin than us and was wearing a turban and he started … Read More

How to teach your kids to ask good questions (about their faith)

teach your kids to ask good questions

My middle son asked the same question for an entire year: how do I know God is real? You might expect this question from a teenager, but this kid was 4 years old. Do your kids ask questions? Mine don’t so much as ask questions as make very random statements that they think are fact. Like “God is like a street sweeper” or “You can never run away from God…or blankie.” Or this one keeper: “I can tell you the whole Bible in 3 words: God loves you.” Now, these are awesome and cute sayings from small children who are completely confident in their faith.  But what about when your 4 turns to you and says “how do you know God is real? I can’t see him?” Or when your 12-year-old asks if Jesus really existed?  The worst thing we can do as parents is to jump into a lecture … Read More

Connect with your child spiritually through coloring

Sometimes as a mom you just need some peace and quiet, am I right? But it’s those times when your kids seem to need you the most. What if I told you that you could have some quiet time WITH your kids, and even have a short spiritual conversation at the same time? It’s possible. I’ve done it! Having SHORT, spiritual conversations is the best way to get into a habit of talking about faith with your kids. It will feel less awkward, and you’ll learn how to help your child grow deep faith roots without feeling like you have a give a theological lesson or have all the questions figured out.  When was the last time you created art with your kids? I really enjoy painting with my boys, although I have to admit that I cringe when they pull out the glitter! Guess what? Coloring together can draw … Read More

The Christ-Centered Way To Present The Fruit Of The Spirit For Kids

the Fruit of the Spirit for kids

INSIDE: ‘The fruit of the Spirit for kids’ shares a way to teach kids this concept without making it another list of virtues or rules. It includes a craft and a video to explain, as well as a review of a children’s picture book on the topic.  I live in central Alberta, Canada, and we’re still in the thick of winter. Every time I sit down in my van, I squeal from the cold touch of the seat on my thighs. There are days that my nose hairs freeze up simply from breathing. Jealous? 😜 One thing I appreciate about winter is that I get to dream about my garden (no hard work involved)!  We live in a fairly small house in the middle of a suburb, but that hasn’t stopped me from turning my front (and back) yard into a lush, fruitful garden. Each year I am delighted by … Read More

Teach Your Child Her Worth Using This Bedtime Ritual

bedtime ritual

It’s hard to imagine the depth of God’s love for us. When I think of how big the universe is, with billions of stars in each of the billion galaxies, it seems insane that the God who created all that could possibly care about me as an individual. And yet, he says he does. How can I communicate this lesson to my kids, when even when I, as a parent, can’t fathom it? Recently I read an article somewhere (eek! I can’t remember where) that made me think about how I present God to my kids. I have always tried to emphasize God’s love and grace because I know that it is God’s kindness that brings us to repentance, and his love that makes us want to love and seek after him. So I recently started sending my kids to sleep with this little ritual. If you enjoyed this video, make … Read More

The 10 BEST Christian Picture Books To Teach The Bible and Faith Values

The 10 Best Christian Picture Books

These 10 BEST Christian picture books will provide kids with a comprehensive picture of God’s plan of salvation and your child’s place in it. As the Director of Children’s Ministries at my church, I have scoured the Christian picture book world over the past 12 years, looking for excellent books to recommend to “my” families. Why Read Christian Picture Books? Filling your child’s bookshelf with good quality Christian picture books is a fabulous way to talk about faith naturally and easily with your kids. It’s as easy as pulling out a book or two and putting them on the couch. I can guarantee that within minutes, your child will be begging you to read them! What a great way to talk to your child about God, the Bible, and salvation without it feeling awkward or forced. Why You Should Use MY List of the Best Christian Picture Books As a … Read More

Help your child trust God for the future

The oak inside the acorn

I want to help my child trust God for right now, and for the future. But how can I do this? Recently a friend of mine posted on Facebook: Does anyone else have a kid who needs to discuss deep theological issues at bedtime? Being the awesome parent that I am, my boy is now confident that God has a plan for his life. But I don’t think we settled on whether that plan is to build a rocket ship or a pet tornado. 😂 I’m so glad my friend is taking the time to talk to her kids at bedtime. This is something that is so hard for me, because I want to simply pop them in bed and move on with my evening. But THIS is what Bedtime Devo Mama is all about – taking time out of our evenings to truly connect with our kids on a … Read More