The Christian Parent’s Guide To Encouraging Child Activism

child activism for the environment

Child activism may seem like a misnomer, but some kids are hardwired to be activists. Let’s guide their justice-minded hearts toward helping others! “I’ll call it Creative Kids For Compassion,” he stated at the dinner table. “Huh?” I had no idea what he was talking about. As usual. This child has a prolific inner life and his brain is usually on overdrive. “My new organization! We can sell our stories and raise money for kids who don’t have clean water.” Well, melt my heart and call me a puddle. That night, he sat down to finish writing a story, which he then proceeded to illustrate and type. His 6 year old brother was inspired to write his own story, and Creative Kids For Compassion was born.  Over the next several months, the boys sold their books both online and in person. Twice they stood outside for hours on a freezing … Read More

How To Help The World As A Kid

how to help the world as a kid: superhero kid!

Wondering how to help the world as a kid, or help your justice-minded child help the world while worshipping God? Read on… Of the 9 worship styles for kids, a child that leans toward the activist style is one with a very strong sense of justice. They might become frustrated by unfairness on the playground or at the dinner table. How can you help your justice-minded child to connect with God through standing up for justice? My son came home in a huff one day. According to him, all the other classes at school had the chance to play drums in music class, but his class only got to play the ukulele. He was furious over the injustice of it all. The icing on the cake of frustration came when he told his teacher he was interested in playing drums, and she simply said, “no.”  My justice-minded child couldn’t handle … Read More

How To Connect Your Intellectual Child With God With One Simple Question

intellectual child learning

Of the 9 worship styles for kids, a child that leans toward the Intellectual style is one who probably loves to learn! But how can you help your keen learner connect with God through what they’re learning, even if it’s not a strictly spiritual topic? My eldest son loves to learn about specific topics. He goes through phases of obsession. For a while it was sharks, then magic tricks. His current obsession is stop-motion animation.  While it’s easy to just let him direct his own learning obsessions, I can point out how his interests relate to eternal things and give him material that piques his curiosity.  But all truth is God’s truth, so I believe that if you take the time to find out what truly interests your child, you can help them find ways to tune into God through that interest.  One perfect question One simple question you can … Read More

How to Teach Kids the Skill of Seeing God Through Nature

Seeing God through nature

Seeing God through nature seems natural, but it takes some training to learn to truly recognize, worship, and connect with God through nature. One of my friend’s boys woke up with the sun one day, and discovered the beauty of the sunrise. “God made the sky for me and it is so beautiful! It makes my heart happy!” he told his mom. Of the 9 worship styles for kids, a child that leans toward the naturalist style feels most connected to our creative Creator God when they’re out in nature. But how can you help tune their hearts to sing God’s praises in the great outdoors? The sand that was laid on the icy winter roads for traction had been scraped onto the boulevards. The snow had finally melted, but the grit remained. It’s one of my least favourite parts of my very favourite season: spring. But in the midst … Read More

God gave us 5 senses…here’s how our kids can use them to worship God

Girl experiencing God through her senses

God gave us 5 senses for a reason, and we can help our kids connect with our unseen, untouchable God through their physical senses. Here’s how! I sat in the hard wooden pew with my family, our pet fish, and two stuffed animals.  At the invitation of my sister-in-law (who was training to become a Lutheran pastor), we were attending our first ever animal blessing service. The entire service was a shock to the senses.  Before the service began, my children gazed in awe at the amazing stained glass windows. We discussed which Bible stories were represented in the pictures and marveled at the colors. Before and during the service, cats meowed and dogs barked, while adults chuckled. Congregants sang with gusto as the pipe organ pounded out old, familiar hymns – poetry set to music. When we went forward for the blessing, the pastor chuckled as she dipped her … Read More

Helping Our Kids Engage God With All 5 Senses

Little boy with a promise rock in his pocket

Of the 9 worship styles for kids, a child that leans toward the Sensate style likely is always touching, hugging, sniffing and tasting things, maybe even at inappropriate times. Let’s talk about engaging God with all 5 senses to help your Sensate child connect with God on a much deeper level.  Our kids were made to engage in life using their senses. It’s how God made them. A baby doesn’t just want to taste her food – she wants to squish it and rub it on her face.  Some kids grow out of this need to experience everything with all their senses, but others don’t. Then, we tell them to sit still while we read the Bible, or close their eyes and fold their hands when they pray.  It’s unfair to these kids that we engage their senses in every other part of life, but not in connecting with God! … Read More

From Floundering to Flourishing: One Practical Tip for Teaching Children About Jesus

Dad reads Bible with daughter

How can you focus on teaching children about Jesus without feeling guilty about having a normal, busy family life? Read on or listen in for ONE game-changing tip! One of my boys requires a lot of time to transition from activity to activity. When he was a toddler, he would scream if we didn’t give enough time to transition. He needed us to complete the full countdown routine each time we wanted to leave the park or his grandparent’s house, or even to come down for dinner! As an older elementary child, he still thrives on routine. If we deviate from a plan even a bit, he gets frustrated.  Teaching children about Jesus through routines Children thrive on routine, right? I believe every child begins with the heart of a Traditionalist because young children do best when their lives are run by routines. That may not continue to need routines … Read More

Sacred Pathways for Kids: Connecting Children and God

Sacred pathways for kids, intro story and article

What are Sacred Pathways for kids, and why are they important for Christian families? Read on for a parable and explanation. Once there was a daddy with nine children. Yes, nine. Each Saturday, Daddy chose one child for a special date night. Over the years, each child got to spend many date nights with their daddy, getting to know him.  One Friday evening, a fight broke out in the home. The topic? Daddy’s favorite thing to do. Eli said that Daddy’s favorite thing to do was to go for a walk around the park, feed the ducks, and eat chocolate ice cream, exactly in that order. Claire said that Daddy’s favorite thing to do was go for a hike in the forest or on the beach.  Nathan said that Daddy’s favorite thing to do was play at the beach, building sand castles, covering himself with mud, and washing off in … Read More

7 Gospel-Focused Christian Easter books

Christian Easter books for your family

INSIDE: Christian Easter books that share the Gospel message in addition to telling the actual story of the first Easter. Have you ever gotten a little stuck when trying to share the Easter story with kids? You might get stuck on the Christian lingo we use, like “Jesus’ blood washes away our sins” which sounds a little gory to kids (and anyone not familiar with the phrase)! Or you might get stuck on the actual death part. It’s hard to talk about death with young children, because their abstract minds can’t fathom the permanence of death or the separation of soul and body. In addition, there is a lot of mean, awful, and downright confusing characters in the Easter story. (Like the part where the devil entered Judas… say what?) Compared to the cute cuddliness of a baby in a manger, Easter is a tough celebration to explain to our … Read More

How To Help Your Anxious Child, Using the Bible

how to help your anxious child

How to help kids with anxiety, from a Christian faith perspective. When your child encounters things that make her afraid, what can you tell her? You could tell her that “everything’s going to be all right”, but is that exactly the truth? I know from personal experience that sometimes horrible things happen, and our kids need more than platitudes to hold onto when life gets rough.  Watch the video or read the transcript below to find out what to say (and what not to say)! If you enjoyed this video, make sure you subscribe on Youtube or Like my Facebook page so you’ll get notifications when new videos are up! Each one contains short, sweet, hope-filled ideas for spiritually parenting our kids. My son and I were in a store when the storm clouds rolled in. The woman at the checkout said, “I heard there’s a tornado warning.” My son’s … Read More